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I had a blog once, and then it died. Geek & Roll was the name, and it was home to trendy fads such as “No Internet For You” and its April’s Fool series of posts, doesn’t matter that we were (and still are, just not ‘we’ anymore) a ragtag group of Mexicans with no reason whatsoever to do anything special in April 1st. More importantly (and selfishly) it was a place for me, myself and I to write about those things in life that I believe possess a certain writable quality to them. Fancy a sample? I’ll give you three:

  1. How we used to download and share music in the ye olden days (vs. boringly buying it out of iTunes today)
  2. How I was able to mod a OSX driver into recognising my video card’s 2GB of RAM
  3. My personal retaliation against Free Software disinformation in Sonora

Yeah I know, they rock. And there are many more from where those three came from.

Then we decided to call it quits and go our separate ways. Amongst laughter, tears, attempts at serious conversation and empty bottles of beer, I was without a place to write, and it was a bit unfair. Everyone else had their little my-first-diary spot on the Web, but not me. So I asked Axel for a wordpress theme because he has wordpress skills (and other skills you know, like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… plus he can draw like animals and warriors and stuff. Just kidding I’m oblivious to whether he can draw animals, warriors and stuff) and he delivered. With the theme the only other thing missing is inspiration.

By the way, my name is César Olea. I program computers for a living, and enjoy constantly thinking of ways to improve people’s life through useful applications. You know, the kind you can’t live without. Outside computerisms, I DJ in a syndicated radio show called Rockofonia which is supposed to be about Rock in general, but it’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal more than anything. I live in the middle of the desert with my lovely Wife and two dogs (a Weimaraner and a Lab)